Mohamed Elsayed, MA

Biographical Note

Mohamed Elsayed is a Ph.D. candidate and research assistant in the ERC-Project “Living with Radiation: The History of Radiation Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency” (HRP-IAEA). 

Mohamed’s current Ph.D. research seeks to investigate the IAEA’s standard-setting role and how the IAEA developed and issued nuclear safety standards, as well as the representation and participation of its global south member states, particularly African countries. His research would contribute to a deeper understanding of the “Global Nuclear Safety Regime” and the integration of the Global South into it. 

He holds a MA in Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures (SDAC) from FriedrichAlexanderUniversity of ErlangenNürnberg (FAU). In addition, he holds a BA in Political Science from Cairo University.


Research interests:

  • Science and Technology Policy
  • Science Diplomacy
  • Regulatory Governance
  • International Organizations (IOs)
  • Global Responses and Strategies to Climate Change