Irina Fedorova, MA

Biographical Note

Irina Fedorova is a PhD student at the Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg and she has been working as a research assistant in the ERC-Project “Living with Radiation: The History of Radiation Protection and the International Atomic Energy Agency”. Irina is interested in various aspects of science diplomacy during the Cold War, including nuclear diplomacy, radiation protection, knowledge transfer and atomic exhibitions. In her current PhD research, Irina aims to analyze the early relations between the countries-participants of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance and the International Atomic Energy Agency in order to answer the question “what was the role of the IAEA in sponsoring knowledge production in the field of radiation protection in the CMEA countries?”. In particular, this project focuses on the CMEA Permanent Commission on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, and the process of development of safety equipment and standardization of instruments, objects, procedures, and technical vocabulary in the CMEA countries.

Research Interests

  • various aspects of science diplomacy during the Cold War, especially:
  • nuclear diplomacy
  • radiation protection
  • knowledge transfer
  • atomic exhibitions



  • Jacobsen L.L., Fedorova I., Lajus J. The seismograph as a diplomatic object: The Soviet–American exchange of instruments, 1958–1964. Centaurus 2021