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Being highly interdisciplinary, the chair of Science, Technology, and Gender Studies (STGS) is unique within the German academic system. We analyze the relationship among scientific knowledge, technological systems, and society, addressing the most important challenges of the contemporary world through a critical and gender perspective. We think across the traditional divide between the social sciences and humanities on one side and the natural sciences and engineering on the other. Given FAU’s strong connections to high-tech industries and involvement in innovative engineering projects that affect our everyday lives, the chair offers a chance for a critical participation in the making of technoscience and builds its research and educational projects on shared, interdisciplinary interests.

Current Courses held by the chair at the FAU can be found under Teaching.

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Science Diplomacy - Studies in the Historical Entanglement of Science, Technology and Diplomacy This series seeks to place the relation among science, technology and diplomacy within a historical perspective. Works in the series may focus on the complexities of the tangled relationship between two ...

'Certain things, such as ships, have long been gendered but these were thought of as exceptions to the general rule of neutrality: a thing is an "it," not a "she" or a "he." This eye-opening book shows how widespread the gendering of things actually is — and not just the things of everyday life but ...
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Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 3:00 PM ET, virtual webinar

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A startling woman wears a silk rob and seemingly nothing else. She flashes her naked shoulder, her hands elegantly reach his, while her bare legs touch his thighs. She looks young, elegant, inviting. He, an old...

Were women written out of the history of science? Or was science history written from a masculine perspective, concerning  topics and sites explored? Did history of science ignore those roles that were predominantly feminine? This seminar offers an opportunity to address these questions by putting t...
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