science diplomacy

Science diplomacy is the term that, at least over the last two decades, captures the influence and decisive role of both science and technology in international affairs as well as their role in resolving international conflicts. Since its establishment in 2021, the STGS Chair has a vivid presence in several science diplomacy educational and research initiatives. Currently Professor Maria Rentetzi serves as member of the EU working group “Making European diplomacy more strategic, effective and resilient through scientific evidence and foresight,” which seeks to develop recommendations on science diplomacy. She is the editor of a new book series on Science Diplomacy published by Brepols and of the academic journal Almagest. Her goal is to develop a Science Diplomacy Certificate, an academic program at the FAU that will educate the next generation of science diplomats.


Deep transformations of the role of science in international affairs together with the rapid evolution of innovations are leading to renewed geopolitical rivalries and fragmentation. For example, the terrifying prospect of a nuclear conflict and the recent pandemic make science and health diplomacy more important than ever...
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