Review by Dr. Nielsen of “Negotiating Armageddon” by Dr. Iben Bjørnsson on H-Diplo

Recently, Dr. Aske Nielsen reviewed the article “Negotiating Armageddon: Civil Defence in NATO and Denmark, 1949-59” by Dr. Iben Bjørnsson for the H-Diplo article review series. The article by Dr. Bjørnsson highlights how actors in Denmark and internationally negotiated and tried to implement civil defence initiatives faced with both a lack of information on the effects of nuclear attacks and a deficit of funding.


In his review, Dr. Nielsen highlights that the “Negotiating Armageddon” is part of a new strand of civil defence research, that has enriched the field of Cold War Studies with new perspectives. Dr. Nielsen also provides a short overview of recent research on this topic in his review.


The review can be found here: