“Diplomatic Studies of Science”: Gordon Cain Conference in Paris (June 13-14)

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As the 2021 Cain Conference Fellow of the Science History Institute in Philadelphia, Prof. Dr. Maria Rentetzi will convene a two-day conference in Paris on June 13-14:

Diplomatic Studies of Science: The Interplay of Science, Technology, and International Affairs after the Second World War

A panel discussion called “Is Science Diplomacy on Hold?” will take place on the evening of June 13 (in person only) which will feature these illustrious speakers: Aristides Baltas (former Minister of Culture of Greece), Melissa Denecke (IAEA), Joachim Hornegger (President FAU), Gabriella Ivacs (IAEA), John Krige (Georgia Institute of Technology), Angela Liberatore (European Research Council Executive Agency).