Diplomacy in the Time of Cholera

While keeping your distance has become the order of the day, it is also for sure that the only way to deal with the pandemic is through solidarity and cooperation of local governments and international health organizations. However, the different handling of an unprecedented situation has also revealed one thing: how controversial the mixing of scientific and diplomatic matters can be. Because in fact the World Health Organization (WHO) was and is exposed to great criticism for its handling of the crisis.


2021 Gordon Cain Conference

The 2021 Gordon Cain Conference focuses on the fascinating interplay of science, technology, and international affairs after the Second World War. By doing so, it marks the emergence of diplomatic studies of science as a field at the intersection of science and technology studies, history of science, diplomatic history, and international politics.

Professor Maria Rentetzi has been named the 2021 Gordon Cain Conference fellow. Together with the Science History Institute she invites contributions that explore the ways science and diplomacy have been coproduced throughout the second half of the 20th century to the present.

The Box: Commonplace Artifacts in the Production of Scientific Knowledge

The video was presented during the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), November 11-14, Denver Colorado where I organized a special session entitled The Humble Box: Materiality in Science, Technology, and Medicine
Video: Andreas Economakis; Text editing: Spyros Petrounakos.

Tobacco. 101 notes on oriental tobacco

The video accompanied the exhibition Tobacco | 101 notes on oriental tobacco which took place at the main Building of the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece, from 11/06 to 31/08/2014.
Curator: Spiros Flevaris; Historical advisor: Maria Rentetzi
Video: Andreas Economakis; Voiceover: Aristides Baltas; Text editing: Spyros Petrounakos